Pet Taxi
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Your Partner in Pet Health and Happiness
We have other services in addition to a full range of pet care for our customers.
At the same time, we have taken into consideration the necessity and convenience to meet all customer needs

Pet Hospital Bangkok
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Happy pet Taxi services is a service that collect your pet from your home and take to our hospital or destination you want through Line @happypetcare,

Pet Microship

An identifying integrated circuit placed under the pet’s skin which will inform you about pet

Pet Taxi

Pet delivery service, a quick and convenient ride home service with a standard vehicle are

Pet Hotel

Muji minimalist style interior design, cleaned room, powerful cooling air conditioner, soft cushions and food

Pet Park

Open daily 10:00-18:00 We created an artificial grass on a large rooftop where pets

Pet Shop

We sell a full range of pet food and supplies pet foods, Treats & snacks,

Pet Grooming

Dog and cat bath, grooming, spa & treatment by specialist with more than three years

Pet Funeral

Pet cremation service at the temple, Pet funeral home service, The service rate is based

Packges and Promotion

Pet Hotel

Half 4 Hr. Full Day 09:00-18:00
Standard Room (Dog) 250 Standard Room (Dog) 350
Superior Room (Dog) 350 Superior Room (Dog) 450
Deluxe (Dog) 450 Deluxe (Dog) 550
Cat Capsule 200 Cat Capsule 300
Cat Condo Deluxe 300 Cat Condo Deluxe 400
Cat Condo Premium 400 Cat Condo Premium 500

Packges & Promotion

Packges Total
5,000 5,500
10,000 12,000

Excluding the other services of Happy Pet Hospital,

Can’t it be used in conjunction with animal hospital promotions?Happy Pet.

The conditions are in accordance with the company.

Pet Taxi

Distance Single Round trip
Less than 5  Km. 150 250
5.01 – 10.00  Km. 300 550
10.1 – 15.00  Km. 450 850
15.01 – 25.00  Km. 700 1,350
25.01 – 35.00  Km. 950 1,850
35.01 – 50.00  Km. 1250 2,450