Pet Hotel

A minimalist design gives a warm and welcoming atmosphere with a wide area, clear, airy area divide into rooms for privacy and be hygienic. The pets in the hotel will be cared for closely, soft cushions help pets relax with air conditioner 24 hours service. There are staff who handle food and snacks and drinking water for pets. The convenience of pets can be checked through CCTV. When checked out, we will clean the room to accommodate the next pet. Because your pet is our dear ones.

Half 4 Hr. Full Day 09:00-18:00
Standard Room (Dog) 250 Standard Room (Dog) 350
Superior Room (Dog) 350 Superior Room (Dog) 450
Deluxe (Dog) 450 Deluxe (Dog) 550
Cat Capsule 200 Cat Capsule 300
Cat Condo Deluxe 300 Cat Condo Deluxe 400
Cat Condo Premium 400 Cat Condo Premium 500
Line Happypet