About us

About Happy pet Hospital
Happy Pet Hospital has been in operation since 2023, opened the first branch in Bangkok. We are focusing on personnel development and importing medical technology for pets from overseas. We have many doctors and nurses specializing in the treatment of pets to maximize the effectiveness, cover the treatment of all diseases and medicines. At the same time, The company is focusing on the best benefits for all customers. We have a 24-hour emergency veterinary team to provide pets with timely access to treatment.

1. Develop our hospital to the standard of quality
2. Support basic services in both general and surgical procedures.
3. Create and promote the establishment of specialized treatment centers to develop treatments.
4. Support and promote teaching for medical personnel both theoretically and practically.
To be a research, treatment and diagnosis center for pets with leading technology from abroad to upgrade independent hospital in the Thailand.

Open Daily 24 Hours

750 1ft Floor Sukhumvit 30/1 Alley Khlong tan Subdistrict Khlong Toei, BangKok 10110